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Refrigeration Engineering In Your Own Basement.Kelvin Abt Gmbh Knows What To Consider.

The Refrigeration Engineering degree is in charge of everything concerning the design of refrigeration systems, as well as the selection of the best procedures and the articulation of refrigeration constructions and in the solution of the inconveniences that arise related to the good state of the cooling systems.

Refrigeration Engineering, what is it?

It is the branch of engineering that is responsible for training professionals, for the development of procedures, designs and operation of refrigeration systems, for companies or companies specializing in food, refrigerators, marketing companies, vehicles with refrigeration for the transfer of frozen products, fishing companies, and clinical laboratories, contributing to the conservation of products and elements sensitive to temperature variation.

Senior Refrigeration Engineering in Refrigeration

The graduate of the Refrigeration Career of the Technical Training Center has the capacity to perform tasks in installation processes, put into operation, maintain and operate refrigeration equipment and systems, in public and private companies that have the need to maintain and conserve refrigerated products, for not being able to change temperatures, such as the food, refrigeration, retail and clinical laboratories. Kelvin Abt GmbH knows what to consider and what the Technical Training Center is especially responsible for:

Perform the installation and commissioning of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, as technically specified and operating requirements, according to already developed models, specific deadlines, and safety and environmental standards.

Ensure that the operational status of refrigeration equipment and systems is maintained, through the use of symptomatic evaluation techniques, repair, and prevention of failures, in relation to the resolution of technical problems and adapted to safety and environmental standards.

Develop commercial and industrial refrigeration systems based on demands of a cold chain, storage, processing, and distribution of products that are not resistant to temperature changes through their integrated technical contribution to work for teams.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering Near You

The career of Engineering in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning specializes in the training of professionals with special skills, aimed at addressing the constant challenges presented by the progress of technology, not only in the national environment but internationally, of scientific way.

They will also be professionals who will achieve their goals for themselves; they can develop designs, build, make installations, put into operation, manipulate, provide proper maintenance and repair any air conditioning and cooling system.

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Engineering

The title of Engineer in Air Conditioning is obtained, studying the degree of Engineering in Refrigeration and air conditioning. It is a career that is studied for eight semesters, and that includes academic and practical subjects. These subjects have a pedagogical sense of Learning by Doing, which includes methodology, procedures, and use of technology, appropriate to the specialty and intermediate practices during training.

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